How to successfully buy an expired domain?

Buying an expired domain can be a daunting task. There are so many websites which offer numerous ways to search and authenticate expired domains. Depending on the purpose for the expired domain, you need to carefully check it’s authority, PR validity and status. You need to also ensure that you are not buying an expired domain which is banned from Google.

Here are a few tips that may come in handy while you search expired domains and finalise on buying the right one :

Use an efficient expired domain scraper : – You can search expired domains by using software which will automate the search of expired domains. It will also provide the database scraped as an external link. These softwares typically validate and index the expired domains on a daily basis. Clearly, manual way to search expired domains can be daunting.

Filtering domains before buying them : – There are users who have bought high ranking domains for large sums of money, only to find out that these domains are worthless. Hence, you need to first authenticate the source from where you buy the expired domain.

Expired domains are filtered on the basis of metrics. There are many softwares which will use a variety of criteria and provide authentic domains for which you can bid and buy. Relying on a single metric can be incorrect approach. Some metrics are tough to manipulate, you need to use a source which uses extensive criteria to filter authentic expired domains.

Below are the criteria that are used in metrics to evaluate the authenticity of the expired domains :

Domain Age –

Experts suggest that you should prefer older domains, their domain age should be atleast a few years. Search expired domains which are older and hence are more trustworthy. Sometimes, the expired domain may not have been dropped, in such scnearios it would have the age and page rank. The Whols detail will provide the date of registration of the domain. However, if the data of registration and the date of first crawl are different, then the search engines will use date of first crawl. This will be the later of the two from which the domain age will be computed.

Page Rank –

This feature has been officially removed. Google no longer provides page rank on the various domain sites. This criterion also does not figure when you search expired domains.

Domain Authority –

This is a metric with value ranging between 0 – 100. It is a value which will provide insight on how well it will perform in SERPs. Domain authority is a relative measure, hence, you can search expired domains and compare them against one another based on this value. This value is computed by the combination of particular software’s link metrics and single logarithmic scaled score. The software’s link metrics value is derived based on the model which predicts the rank of the website in Google’s SERPs. Google’s algorithm is an ever changing phenomenon; hence the DA derived from software’s model will also constantly change overtime.  This is the reason it should be used as a relative measure, to compare various expired domains.

Back link’s data

Most of the software’s provide back link data with respected to the particular expired domain. It will clearly demarcate the total back links to the particular domain and the juice that it passes to the domain.

Page Authority –

Although page rank has been officially removed by Google, may search engines continue to offer this feature in different forms. This metric predicts the chance of a certain page to rank on top in the SERPs.  This metric is studied alongside Domain authority, the page authority metrics is a value which is specific to home page. In an ideal situation the page authority and domain authority values should be closer to each other.

Hope this brief helps you successfully buy an expired domain!

How to successfully buy an expired domain?