What To Expect From Rove Concepts

As you would expect when dealing with a company of the quality of Rove Concepts, there will be plenty of items to choose from and no need to worry about the quality. Regardless of which room you are going to refurbish, there will be a choice of every item and you will not have to settle for second best just to be able to furnish you home.


Even though the prices are more than acceptable anyway, there are sales when you can get some beautiful items for a very good price. Some items will be nearing the end of their production and others will be ones where the sales have not been strong enough to use up all the stock, but this does not mean that they are not made to the same high standard. Reductions will vary and for some there will be around $30 -$40 taken from the price, and in others it will be nearer to half of the original price. When looking at sale items it will be made clear how many are left, so if an order is not placed quickly, you should not be surprised if there are no items left when you are ready to purchase.


  • Rove Classics. This is the leader when it comes to North American mid-century reproduction furniture. While treating suppliers and craftsmen fairly, the company also insists on the highest quality so it is the case that everyone wins – makers have a good working life and buyers get a good deal. Classic design is adhered to throughout the range and as it is only sustainable materials that are used for all pieces, the environment is also a winner. Designers and architects are happy to use their services and will not worry that their clients will be displeased.
  • Kure Collection. Scandinavia is responsible for some of the best furniture and when it comes to the Kure collection it ranks up with the top designs. There is a lack of decoration and the plainness is outstanding. Safety is paramount and all the MDF coating is non-toxic. Wood is from sustainable areas and the decoration that is present comes in the form of metal, copper and wood.
  • If there was a word to be used to describe Sandro products it would first and foremost be quality but modern would be very close behind. It is plain to see that they are well made and their lines are full of technical detail. Materials and style vary, but the thing that all items have in common is that fact that they are rightly located, and will not be out of placed in a very modern home. Just because they look good it does not mean that they are not up to the job. They are fully functional and as you would expect, scrutinized to ensure that they need the Rove Concepts standard.

In the manner that you would expect, this firm provides great customer service and do all that they can to allow customers to contact them. Whatever the reason there will be a well thought out answer, and if by some chance there is an issue, it will be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Live support is available and to ensure that everyone can take advantage of this facility it is toll free.

Details of opening hours can be found on the website and there are details on the same page regarding shipping that is free. Rove Concepts do all that they can to run a professional and ethical company. As a customer, you can be sure that you will be well looked after.

What To Expect From Rove Concepts