Get Rid of Fleas Effectively at Home

Finding fleas in the house can be an awful experience. It could be that they have come in on the cat or dog, or just arrived by a method you can’t work out. It is not impossible to get rid of them, but you need to understand that you do have to put the effort in. Sadly, the quick fix that you hoped may be available just isn’t out there yet. If there only seem to be a few jumping around, don’t get too excited as they are only the ones that can be seen. There are eggs, pupae and larvae and they make up 95% of the problem, and you have to learn how to get rid of fleas.

Keep the House Clean

Hoover all parts of the house and take special care where you may miss a lot of the time. Anywhere the pets go should be given extra time. Hoovering them up will clear a lot of the problem, and the hoover should be able to lure a lot of them out of their resting place in the pile of the carpet. At this stage, it is pointless using insecticide as it will not have an effect on fleas in the early development stage.


There are plenty to choose from and most people will have a favorite. The one thing to look out for is IGR – insect growth regulator – as this breaks up the breeding cycle and prevents eggs turning into viable fleas. Flea bombs have their place in the process, but it is too hard for them to get to certain areas, so to make sure everywhere is covered, use a spray. Before doing this, you should use the vacuum cleaner as it will be advisable not to hoover for a while as you will also be removing the insecticide. You need to understand how to get rid of fleas.


As it is likely that the fleas have come from near to the house, the garden or yard should be sprayed as well. Anywhere that benefits from the sun is unlikely to be a breeding place, but the damp and dingy areas are.

Home Remedies

There are some home remedies that can work, although often it will need to be chemicals that do most of the work. The home remedies are: –

  • Salt – when combined with borax, the fleas will shrivel and the problem will be gone. I just has to be sprinkled on the furniture or the floor and left for around 24 hours. While this is not a poisonous substance, it will be best of children and pets were not exposed to it. It can be detected by them and curiosity may prevail.
  • Vinegar – this is not ideal, but can work in the short term. Fleas do not like vinegar so will stay away while it is present, but will soon be back if it is no longer being put out. If you want to use it until you get a more permanent solution that will be fine, but it will not be effective on its own.

Other than those examples there are no other home remedies as they seem to have become immune and will only really be repelled if chemicals are used.


It would be ideal to think that with one spray of the insecticide the problem would be gone for good, but sadly that is not going to happen. The pupae are immune, but soon they will hatch and the later courses of treatment will remove them for good.

Finally, don’t let animals that have fleas into the house. It may be hard to ask people to leave their dogs at home, but if you mention you are clearing up fleas, they may decide to stay away of their own accord.

Get Rid of Fleas Effectively at Home